• In the early stages of product development, we weighed the pros and cons of using glass vs using plastic. As it turns out, plastic has far more redeeming qualities than glass:

    Durability: Plastic pipes have a much higher resistance to breaking

    Reproducibility: injection molded parts hold the same tight tolerance, hand blown glass has high variability

    Interface Method: Standard Taper fittings in glass must be supported from below and require vertical orientation to work, threads work in any orientation and stay together when lifted from above

    Cost: We offer TT modules at less than half the price of comparable glass pipes

    Weight: Our modules are 1/5th to 1/10th the weight of glass pipes

    Benefits of using glass:

    Familiarity: people are used to glass, but it is not the only answer

  • If you are okay with drinking soda out of plastic bottles, then Transformer Tube is safe to use.

    There are two concerns related to smoking with plastics.  One is the heat melting plastic and releasing fumes.  When properly used, the Transformer Tube will never come in contact with enough heat to cause a problem.  The flame of the lighter only touches glass and will not conduct down the glass to sufficiently heat the plastic.  Burning embers can pull through the bowl, but as long as the base has water, they will be extinguished before touching plastic.

    The second concern is plasticizers.  When food or beverages sit in plastic for long periods of time, plasticizers will be released.  Smoke travels through the tube fast, which does not allow time for leaching. Some leaching may occur into the water, but it is not ideal to consume used pipe water.

  • Our bases have a 19mm Standard Taper on them, so they work with an industry standard 19mm glass-on-glass downstem (100mm in length for the straight section).  You can get downstems and bowls on this website or from a local retailer, most towns have several.  Tell them you have Transformer Tubes.